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20 kids’ movies with a message

These movies will keep your kids entertained, while teaching them important life lessons about everything from friendship to teamwork.

These movies will keep your kids entertained, while teaching them important life lessons about everything from friendship to teamwork.

Aside from singing household implements and a big scary beast who’s really a big softie, Beauty and the Beast teaches kids why it’s important not to judge a book by its cover. You never know what (or whom) is inside.

A little pig follows his dream of becoming a sheep dog despite people (and other animals) telling him he can’t do it. The message is clear – if you can dream it, you can do it!

Better for the older kids due to its sad ending, Charlotte’s Web goes against today’s “every man for himself” thinking. Instead, it’s about friendship, unconditional love and doing what you can to help another person (or pig).

A group of chickens and a crazy rooster must band together to escape their evil owners and their pie machine. It’s a great fun flick, all about the importance of … teamwork!

Littlies might be a little bit scared by this funny lookin’ fella, but older kids will love it – even if it is a little dated. The message? We may be from different planets, but we can still be friends.

Kids will love the adorable Dumbo, but watch out mums (and dads) – the scene where he gets separated from his mum is a real tear jerker. Teaches kids about how having faith and belief in yourself can lead to amazing things. Plus, how a mother’s love is unconditional – big ears or not.

It may be nearly 10 years old, but the message in Fern Gully is still very relevant today – we need to take care of the environment or we will lose it forever.

Aside from being great fun, Finding Nemo teaches us about courage, family and friendship.

Every mum should get her daughter to watch Freaky Friday. It gives a little bit of insight into what it might be like to spend a day (or more) in your mother’s shoes, and vice versa.

Lady and the Tramp is a classic tale about breaking down the “class” barriers. You can find friends in all sorts of places, just because someone is from a different “side of the tracks” doesn’t mean you can’t be friends.

One of Disney’s most underrated movies, Mulan features a heroine who isn’t content to sit around and wait for her prince to rescue her. She’s brave, heroic and empowered.

Your kids will never be afraid of monsters in the closet again! In fact, they may hope there ARE because these guys are so much fun. Monsters INC is a classic buddy tale, with a bit of good vs evil (and of course good always wins) thrown in as well.

For parents and slightly older kids, there are lots of great messages in Remember the Titans. Acceptance, friendship, teamwork and how hard work can pay off.

Loved by kids and adults alike, Shrek is all about how being different isn’t a bad thing, and why it’s important not to judge people by how they look.

Ariel is bored with life as a princess under the sea and goes against her father’s wishes to spend time with Prince Eric, whom she is in love with. The Little Mermaid is about being happy with what you have, sacrifice, acceptance, with a little bit of love thrown in for good measure.

A timeless classic, The Lion King features betrayal, loss, shame, disappointment, friendship, bravery and family – plus a great soundtrack and lots of funny quotes.

The Sandlot is a very cute movie. There’s a character in here that everyone can relate to – the brainiac, the sporty guy, the joker, the one with glasses. Despite their different quirks, these kids are great friends and band together to beat the baddies!

Each of the Toy Story movies has a fun and fantastical storyline, but the message about friendship, compromise and learning to accept people’s differences is clear in each one.

Charlie is a good kid from a poor family, all the other kids are spoilt, rich brats who are horrible to their parents and ignore Willy’s requests not to touch or eat things. End result? Naughty kids turn blue or end up as “bad nuts”, while good boys get the whole chocolate factory!

The Wizard of Oz is an oldie, but still a goodie. Dorothy and her travelling companions learn about friendship, compassion, bravery and acceptance. Plus, how a great pair of shoes can take you all sorts of places!

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