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10 reasons to be excited for spring

Spring is officially upon us from September 1, and here are all the things we’re excited about this season.


Flowers & blossom

Everything from daffodils to blossoms are blooming at this time of year, and the fern fronds are showing themselves too. Why not head to Alexandra for their annual Blossom Festival, or take in a stroll in Auckland’s Waitakere Ranges to see the new ferns.

Warmer weather

It should go without saying but we’re looking forward to warmer days and more sunshine. It’s good for the soul, after all.

It’s waterfall season

Now is the time to visit Milford Sound, or any of the hundreds of spectacular falls throughout the country, as they multiply for spring.

There’s still time to ski

If you’re yet to head down to the mountain this season, spring is still a great time to do so. Plus, there are fewer crowds than during the winter period. Get in quick however, as many resorts close in late September.


Did we mention that nature is just awesome at this time of year?

Lights and brights

Bid goodbye to your winter darks, because spring is all about pops of colour. Why not get some inspiration from this year’s New Zealand Fashion Week, with all our looks from the NEXT & Ziera fashion show right here.

Make up gets fresh

As the country warms up, it’s time to put away heavy powders and inject some glow into your skin regime. Why not try a CC or BB cream for a little coverage but with that radiance factor.

Time to flash those pins

It may soon be warm enough to bid stockings goodbye, and get your pins out! Don’t forget to give legs a good scrub down with an exfoliant, then pop on some lotion to lock in moisture.

Spring cleaning

What better time to clear out the cobwebs, declutter and have a reorganise than spring? Grab these tips on how to cut clutter or these on how to create a tranquil bedroom.


The festival of lights takes place in October, and is celebrated in spectacular style in Auckland, with authentic cuisine, traditional dance and music and a huge firework display in the CBD. Plus any festival that celebrates the triumph of light over dark is alright by us.

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