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Samantha Hayes excitedly announces the gender of her baby

The little one even kicks her while she's reading the news!

Newshub presenter Samantha Hayes has revealed she's expecting a baby boy!
In an exclusive interview with Woman's Day magazine, the 35-year-old broadcaster says she's delighted that she and her Dutch partner Jeroen "Jay" Blaauw have recently found out they are having a son.
"Jay was so excited at the scan, he was giving me high-fives," tells Sam.
Due in the spring, the popular Three broadcaster says she just can't wait to meet her little guy. "I talk to him all the time in my tummy and I definitely feel a bond already," she reveals.
Life's been a whirlwind since Sam won the Dancing with the Stars trophy a year ago, and the soon-to-be mum admits she never would've guessed the direction her life has taken since then.
After the life-changing experience on the reality dance show, she admits she suffered a bad case of the blues when it all ended and felt "physically and emotionally exhausted".
And so she took off on an epic mountain climbing adventure in January, spending two weeks in the Andes to take on Mount Aconcagua. The trip was at the suggestion of Jay, who she'd first met four years ago when travelling in Brazil.
They were just friends back then but romance blossomed in the freezing temperatures of the Andes – and on her return Sam found out she was pregnant.
Watch: Sam Hayes climbs the Andes mountains. Article continues below.
"This was very much a happy surprise," Sam tells Woman's Day.
IT consultant Jay moved from Amsterdam to Auckland and the adventure-loving couple are now looking forward to the most exciting journey of all!
"I'm 35 now and it's definitely the right time for me to have a baby," says Sam. "I feel extremely lucky that it's come along."
The full interview with Samantha is in this week's Woman's Day.