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Congratulations! Antonia Prebble and Dan Musgrove have welcomed a baby boy

The couple is completely besotted!

Antonia Prebble and Dan Musgrove have become the proud new parents of a baby boy.

Antonia announced the happy news on social media, saying, “Dan and I are so delighted to share that our beautiful boy is now with us in the world ❤️

“Freddie John Musgrove was born just over a week ago and is adjusting really well to his new digs outside my belly – and Dan and I are completely besotted.”

Congratulations have poured in, with messages from Matilda Rice, who is due with her own baby boy any day now, Kiwi actress Rebecca Gibney and Jaquie Brown.

The couple announced they were expecting in February, and since then Antonia’s pregnancy has been nothing short of eventful.

The petite actress literally had to flee from their burning home after the garage caught fire earlier this year.

Antonia, who stars on the popular Kiwi drama Westside alongside Dan, told Woman’s Day that she had been pottering around the couple’s Auckland home, which they’d only recently moved in to, when she heard a loud banging on the door.

“I thought it was just an aggressive courier, but it was a passer-by saying our garage was on fire. It was the craziest, most unexpected thing, but sure enough, there was smoke billowing out of the garage, which is connected to our house. I literally had to say to Dan, ‘You need to get out of bed – the house is on fire!’

“I threw on some clothes, grabbed both our laptops and then went out on the street to join our neighbours watching the fire spread.”

However, Antonia took it all in her stride, “I thought, ‘Yeah, this is awful, but we’re going to be alright.’ I recognised the difference between a tragedy and just a really unfortunate event. We lost some precious memories, including a whole bunch of press clippings I’d been keeping since I was 12, which was upsetting, but no-one was hurt, which really is the only thing that matters.”

They announced their engagement in July 2018, with Antonia taking to Instagram to share the news:

“Hi everyone!” she wrote. “So I have a bit of news…for quite some time this guy here has been making me a very happy gal. We’ve kept it off social media so far, but now I am really chuffed to share that Dan is making an honest woman of me – he proposed, and I said yes! We are super excited, but are thinking we probably won’t get married on the Wests’ back lawn.”

Dan, who plays Lefty Munroe on the popular Three drama, also shared the happy news on Instagram, quipping:

Having children is something that Antonia says she “had always imagined would be part of my life, but until recently, it always felt like it was far off in the future.

“Then suddenly, for both of us, it felt right,” she says. “We were engaged, planning a future together and talking about starting a family. We were elated.”

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