AM Show's Amanda Gillies' regret over missing out on motherhood

"It’s heartbreaking, because as a woman, you do feel like a failure.”

AM Show co-host Amanda Gilles has spoken out about making the choice to put her career first, and her regrets over not having children.
Gillies, along with hosts Mark Richardson and Duncan Garner were discussing fertility with an expert on the show this morning when the newsreader revealed her struggles.
"I'm now 40 and it's probably not a happening thing," Gillies said tearfully, "and it's heartbreaking, because as a woman, you do feel like a failure."
She went on to offer words of encouragement to other women who might be struggling with a similar dilemma.
"I waited, I shouldn't have, and so I say to them: 'Career you can always come back to, children you can't."
The AM Show's frank discussion on fertility prompted an out-pouring of support. Photo: Getty Images
Gillies also revealed she was involved with the charity Foster Hope, which offers practical support to children in foster care.
"I also look at it another way, I'm involved with Foster Hope, and my grandmother, she was a foster child, and my mum was adopted – so there are other options for women, and for me."
The frank discussion between the hosts – which host Duncan Garner says wasn't planned - prompted an outpouring of support on social media, including a heartfelt message from Newshub presenter Samantha Hayes.
The presenter wrote: Very emotional & important discussion about fertility on @TheAMShowNZ. Kia Kaha@Amanda_Gillies You are so brave for sharing.
Later in the day Gillies took to Twitter to thank her many well-wishes for their kind messages.
"Thank you so much for your kind words of support for today, it's truly lovely and appreciated," she wrote.
Gillies tagged co-hosts Mark Richardson and Duncan Garner in the post.