Amanda Gillies admits she’s ‘almost closed the book’ on becoming a mother

But the broadcaster says she is 'at peace' with not having her own children.

Broadcaster Amanda Gillies has admitted she has “almost closed the book” on motherhood, sharing with viewers on this morning’s The AM Show that “it would take something of a miracle” for her to become a mother now, aged 42.

“I think I’ve almost closed the book on that,” she said. Although she did add that believed in miracles.

“It would be lovely if it came along.”

Amanda has opened up about her fertility struggles on the show before, breaking down in tears in 2017 when she revealed, “I’m now 40 and it’s probably not a happening thing and it’s heartbreaking, because as a woman, you do feel like a failure.”

She said she regretted putting her career first.

“I waited, I shouldn’t have, and so I say to them [other women]: ‘Career you can always come back to, children you can’t.”

In 2018 she opened up to NEXT magazine about suffering from endometriosis, a common condition where endometrial tissue, which should only be found in the uterus (womb), also grows outside the uterus and can cause fertility issues.

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On this morning’s show she said was “at peace” with not having her own children, and felt lucky that her partner, Newsroom co-editor Tim Murphy, has kids.

“So we don’t have an empty nest, which is wonderful.”

She asked viewers to “be mindful and gentle” about what others may be going through this Mother’s Day, on Sunday May 12.

“If you’ve got your mum and your kids, make the most of it,” she said.

Gillies also reached out to people who had lost their mothers, and mothers who had lost their children, ahead of Mothers Day.

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