‘Women without kids should get maternity leave’ claims author

One author has caused controversy online after suggesting that even non parents should be able to take maternity leave.
Should all women get maternity leave?

Should all women get maternity leave?

Meghann Foye, author of new book Meternity, told the New York Post she thinks that even non mums should be able to take paid leave from work – something she dubs ‘meternity leave.’

“The more I thought about it, the more I came to believe in the value of a “meternity” leave — which is, to me, a sabbatical-like break that allows women and, to a lesser degree, men to shift their focus to the part of their lives that doesn’t revolve around their jobs,” she told the paper.

The 38-year-old went on to explain how she was jealous of women going on maternity leave, where their personal lives can finally “take centre stage.”

“It seemed that parenthood was the only path that provided a modicum of flexibility,” she said, before adding that non-mums miss out on time for self-reflection.

“Bottom line: Women are bad at putting ourselves first. But when you have a child, you learn how to self-advocate to put the needs of your family first. A well-crafted “meternity” can give you the same skills – and taking one shouldn’t disqualify you from taking maternity leave later.”

Meghann Foye says she thinks ‘meternity’ leave should be introduced

But understandably, many mums have taken umbrage with Meghann’s comments, saying she has completely misunderstood the realities of parental leave.

“I know exactly zero women doing “self-reflection” on maternity leave. We’re too exhausted to even take a shower,” Lauren Jacobs wrote on Twitter.

Meanwhile John wrote: “I don’t think you understand what happens on maternity/paternity leave. There’s no “me” time involved. Even less so for moms.”

Ann said: “Parents are the least likely to have time for “me time” silly fool. There’s no time for “reflection” – we can’t even pee in peace.”

Following the backlash, Meghann backed out of an appearance on Good Morning America.

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