Woman’s pregnancy trick will make you squirm

One woman’s novel way of getting pregnant has been attracting quite a bit of attention this week.
Leech therapy

Nina Evans, from London, was told she had no chance of having any more children, after a series of myomas in her uterus during her 40s.

But not taking no for an answer, Nina turned to a rather unusual, if not archaic, method to get pregnant.

The 50-year-old invested in ‘leech therapy’ in order to beat the fibroids that were preventing her from having kids.

Lithuanian born Nina chose the therapy because in her home country it is relatively common – and used to treat a whole host of ailments.

And lo and behold, after eight months of having leeches suck her blood, Nina became pregnant with her son Noel at the age of 45.

But it wasn’t just her fertility that improved in response to the leeches; Nina also found she had more energy and a better complexion – and enjoyed longer lasting orgasms.

The therapy dates back thousands of years, with everyone from the Aztecs to the Romans using leeches to “balance the humours.” It remained popular throughout the Middle Ages in Europe and even during the colonial period, but has gone out of fashion in more recent years. However, the therapy is still used by many medical professionals to heal burns and skin grafts, as well as several other uses.

Nina had leech therapy in Russia before getting her own so she could continue treatment at home – even using them during childbirth to ease her pain. The mum of two is now hoping to conceive again using the leech method.

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