Woman falls pregnant weeks before surrogate gives birth

A woman who endured 21 unsuccessful rounds of IVF has fallen pregnant naturally, when her friend was already carrying her baby.
Woman surrogates for friends

Woman surrogates for friends

Lauren Lichtnauer and her husband had been trying to have children for years when they decided to let friend Rosie Luik surrogate for them.

After much heartache and pain, Rosie said she just “blurted it out,” telling her friend “basically I’m going to have your baby.”

“I knew I was good at it. Id’ had three babies. I had never had a complication. I just wanted to help Lauren,” the model told 60 minutes.

But after successfully becoming pregnant with her friend’s twins, the amazing happened.

Despite all of her troubles previously, Lauren fell pregnant just weeks before Rosie’s due date.

“I was just like ‘Oh my god, you did it!’” said Rosie, after her friend admitting she was terrified to tell her the truth.

Lauren Lichtnauer in a photo from her Instagram

“Seeing my best friend’s face when they [the twins] were placed in her arms was just magical and it’s something I will never forget,” she said.

Rosie says the twins she carried now call her their “tummy mummy,” and that the whole experience has brought the families closer together.

Lauren was also open however about how sometimes she “hated” her friend for being able to carry children so easily, when she struggled so much.

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