Why this mum doesn’t give her kid any Christmas presents

And she gives away any that guests bring over.
Christmas presents

Christmas presents

With so much consumerism at this time of year, it’s easy to lose sight of the true meaning of Christmas.

That’s why Raakhee Mirchandani decided she won’t be giving her three-year-old anything come Christmas Day.

Likewise, the little girl will get to keep none of the presents brought round by friends or relatives, secret santas or school.

As writer Raakhee explains, she doesn’t want her little girl growing up associating Christmas with a massive gift haul.

“Instead, on Christmas morning, we’ll enjoy breakfast together, in front of our tree, covered in ornaments we painted together,” she writes in Cosmo.

“We donate what gifts we get (despite saying “no gifts” on birthday invites, friends sometimes still feel like they have to bring something), often squirreling away a few things here and there to fulfil holiday wish lists for area foster kids through the Boys and Girls Club or the Tomorrows Children’s Fund.”

Perhaps understandably, Raakhee has now developed a bit of a reputation for being a grinch, but insists her daughter happily donates her gifts, finding joy in giving, rather than getting.

“She gets plenty of things as she needs them, and even when she doesn’t” writes the mum.

“For me, this is simply about the stuff and making sure that it’s not just the stuff and the acquisition of more stuff that makes her happy.”

As the writer concludes, sometimes it’s better to be a Santa than to wait for one.

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