Couple tired of being asked when they’re having kids give the best response

Their clever comeback is close enough.
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They’ve only been married for three years, but Carrie and Nic Jansen are certain about one thing: no kids.

While the pair might only be 23, they’ve been together eight years and say their decision is final.

This doesn’t stop the family from continuing to question them though with older family members still finding the news quite hard to take.

“We don’t want kids, but if it’s grandma asking, I won’t tell her straight up…because we don’t want to give her a heart attack,” Carrie told Buzzfeed.

“So usually, I’ll give her the general ‘We’ll see!’ or ‘Not this year!’”

With the usual response still proving ineffective, the couple from Iowa came up with this clever way of keeping those unwanted questions at bay.

Creating an “announcement” – the type you might see on Facebook, the creative couple enlisted the help of Carrie’s sister Becca to help unveil their new ‘addition’ to the family.

The arrival was shared in a classic Facebook post.

“We wrote a caption like, ‘Happy to announce that the Jansen family is growing by four paws!’”

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