Samantha Hayes shares adorable photo of her ”zombie baby” Marlow and we are smitten!

Marlow makes one cute zombie!
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Newshub presenter Samantha Hayes has taken to social media to share an image of her “zombie baby”, son Marlow Blaauw.

And all we can say is he sure makes one cute zombie.

Sam posted an image on Instagram of an adorably bright-eyed Marlow sitting up straight for the camera.

She captioned the image, “And just like that Marlow is 6 months old.

“He’s sitting up but prefers standing up and does so at every opportunity.

“He smiles all the time and also makes a deep growling noise like a zombie baby.”

We know what she means. It’s that very weird gutteral sound that babies make when they’re that age, where you literally look at them and think ‘did that sound come out of you?’

And it did.

Sam went on to add, “He has bright blue eyes even though his parents’ are green and he has the most exquisite giggle I’ve ever heard. We love you Marlow ✨”

Last month Sam delighted her followers by posting an image of baby Marlow sitting beside her in Mike McRoberts chair on the Newshub news desk.

Looking every bit like he was set to start reading the six o’clock news with his mum, he looked too cute for words.

Look out Mike McRoberts, is all we could say.

Sam gave birth to this delicious boy on September 19, 2019.

Baby Marlow was delivered safely by Caesarean with his father Jeroen “Jay” Blauuw, 36, by Sam’s side.

Sam has previously said becoming a mother “is the most beautiful thing that’s ever happened to me“.

Sam told Woman’s Day, “There’s something really special about being a family. I’ve never felt a happiness like it.”

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