Renee Wright reveals her special hidden talent – and it’s not AT ALL what you’d expect!

"I'm part snake," she jokes.
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When she’s on television presenting the weather Renee Wright is the picture of professionalism. But catch her at home with her kids on a weekday afternoon and we have one word for Renee: relaxed.

In this video a very laidback Renee Wright talks about the hobby she could never give up, her close bond with her mum, her favourite type of weather – and which tree she’d be if she were a tree.

She also shares her surprising hidden talent, and it’s not at all what you’d expect.

“I’m part snake,” she jokes, and we almost believe her!

In the latest issue of The Australian Women’s Weekly, you can read a heartfelt letter that Renee has written to her daughters in celebration of International Women’s Day. Her tribute to her children runs alongside letters written by Carole Hirschfeld, Stacey Morrison and Miranda Harcourt to their children. You may need tissues!

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