Outrage after mum admits sleeping naked with teenage son

Was the backlash justified?
Woman sleeping naked in bed

Woman sleeping naked in bed

One mother has caused outrage this week after asking an online forum whether it’s wrong that she still sleeps naked with her 16-year-old son.

On Q&A site Quora, the anonymous poster asks others if it’s inappropriate – to which she got a resounding ‘yes’ in reply.

“It may be viewed differently in other cultures, but in American society it’s f** up” wrote one commenter.

Another warned: “You could possibly be arrested for child indecency and put into prison.”

“The initial reaction is, WHY do you need to sleep in the same bed with your 16 year old son in YOUR home, does he have medical issues?” one user asked.

Many parents find toddlers in their beds at some stage

“Do you only have one bedroom in the apartment? If that is the case then you should be in single beds, albeit it the same room.”

And while many were angry with the mother’s question, one just tried to educate her.

“I think you’re 9 years (or so) too late in asking this question,” one user wrote. “Granted it’s been a practise that you’ve been doing since he was an infant, but at school age the practise becomes inappropriate.

“While you may choose to raise your family in a certain way, at school age he starts to interact with other members of society, other than just his family. Therefore, he must act within the boundaries set by society. Sleeping NAKED with your teen son is inappropriate in our society.”

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