Our favourite Kiwi stars reveal their plans and dreams for the year ahead

Here's how the stars will be spending their Kiwi summer.
Nadia Lim Sue Fleischl Michael Galvin

We catch up with some of our favourite Kiwi celebrities to find out what their goals and aspirations are for the year ahead – as well as how they plan to spend their summer.

Nadia Lim, Celebrity foodie and author

“This summer there’ll be lots of pottering around in the vege garden, stone-fruit picking, picnics, swims in the sea, maybe a camping trip or two, falling asleep in the afternoon sun (fingers crossed while the kids nap), lots of real-fruit ice creams, laidback lunches that morph into impromptu grazing dinners with friends and family – all with my three favourite boys, Carlos, Bodhi and River.

“I always like drawing analogies with nature. When it comes to goals, I’d say make sure you take in and enjoy the ‘hike’ when climbing your ‘mountain’.

In other words, make sure you learn to love the journey as much as the end destination. It’s true that when you look back, you’ll find the ups and downs of the hike were more beautiful than the view from the top.”

Dai Henwood, 7 Days comedian

“It’s good to start your New Year goals before New Year, then you have some days under the belt. Also make your goals tiny and easy to achieve.

Don’t try to give up drinking, eat healthy, get a six-pack and buy a Maltese bichon all in the first few days of the New Year. Try just drinking less, eating one healthy meal and googling Maltese bichon.

“When summer begins, my ears are filled with The Black Seeds, Nina Simone and whatever tunes the kids are listening to. The grill is full of goodness and there are fresh salads with berries and mango in them.

I have the tiredness only plenty of time in salt water can bring, and every crevasse of the house – and the people in it – is filled with black sand from a west coast beach.

“I feel blessed my family is close by and optimistic the year ahead will bring peace and wellbeing to everyone and everything on this beautiful planet.”

Sue Fleischl, The Great Kiwi Bake Off host

“A Kiwi summer to me is spending a lot of time at the beach, swimming or paddle boarding, lots of barbecues and sitting around the fire, diving for scallops and fishing off our boat. And cycling in the country with my husband – I have an e-bike so I can keep up.

There’s nothing better than fresh fabulous food washed down with beautiful New Zealand wines. Perfection!

“When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, I have to admit I’m no good. My dear husband and I now try and plan our holidays for the year well in advance so we always have something to look forward to.

This year we both had major hip surgery, which was not on our 2019 list at all! Keeping a positive attitude helps mend and heal faster than dwelling, overthinking and feeling sorry for oneself. There is always someone who is worse off than you.”

Chris Chang, TVNZ Sports presenter

“My idea of the perfect Kiwi summer involves whipping out Andrew Lloyd Weber (my barbecue, not the music) on a warm evening. And, of course, watching the ASB Classic in Auckland – the ideal mix of sunshine, tennis and entertainment!

“I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions, but it is a chance to reflect on what’s most important, whether it’s finding a better work-life balance or exercising more.

I know that I always feel better if I can get out for a run or play football during the week after work. I suppose it’s about knowing what keeps you healthy, mentally and physically.”

Michael Galvin, Shortland Street actor

“My biggest obstacle, like a lot of people, has always been fear. It can reveal itself in small ways, as irritation, or as full-blown panic. We all experience it, but for some it’s worse than others. What’s helped me enormously, to the point where it’s no longer really an issue, is mindfulness.

“This can mean finding time each day to practise some form of meditation, but also bringing mindfulness into challenging situations as you experience them. For me, this means giving my attention to my breath and taking it away from the crazy stories our brains tell us when we’re stressed. It’s about being able to feel your feelings and notice your thoughts without taking them too seriously.

“As you’re reading this, I’ll be enjoying my best-ever Kiwi summer. It’s the one I have every year these days. I never go away – I just hang around Auckland.

I love it. Auckland empties out, but there’s still so much to do here, so I and my daughter can do lots of fun stuff and not worry about the crowds. Our current craze is electric-scootering, so we better get in a bit of that before they’re completely banned!”

Kanoa Lloyd, The Project and Moving out with Kanoa host

“I don’t tend to have New Year’s resolutions, because I’m constantly setting goals and giving them everything… until I can’t any more.

In 2019, I swore myself to no ‘day meat’ in an attempt to stop eating bacon for breakfast, chicken for lunch and mince for dinner!

I have promised to go on my second-hand exercycle at least three times a week and I’ve committed to only giving handmade or recycled gifts to my loved ones.

“This summer I will be barbecuing all over the show, eating leftover trifle, pavlova and Christmas pud.

The dream is a morning swim in the river mouth at Kennedy Bay, a cup of milky coffee and a book on a rug under the Moreton Bay fig at my Dad’s, a bucket of cockles spitting out their sand to be cooked on the fire at lunchtime, soaking up the juice with some day-old fried bread, listening to Th’ Dudes or Crowded House – something that everyone joins in singing at the chorus – and a G&T as the sun goes down.”

Dean Brettschneider, The Great Kiwi Bake Off host

“Like Sue, my best-ever Kiwi summer involves great food and wine! It’s being at the bach in the sun with friends, laughing and talking about whatever comes up.

“When it comes to setting goals, what comes to mind for me is: ‘Take care of the warning signs.’

I don’t have too many obstacles, but one standout was two years of lower back pain, which led to emergency surgery of a ruptured L4 lower back disc. The pain was excruciating.

One year later and the surgery hadn’t worked, so I took elective surgery with two titanium supports each in my L4 and L5 vertebrae and six screws fusing them together!”

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