Mum slams Jetstar: I have a right to pump anywhere

A mother has called for Jetstar staff to be retrained after a flight attendant told her to cover herself up while she was breastfeeding.

A mother has called for Jetstar staff to be retrained and taught about the rights of breastfeeding mothers after she was told to cover herself up by an attendant on a Monday morning flight.

Jetstar have had to make a public apology to the insulted Queensland mother, Natalie Jane Sawyer, for the incident on the flight from Brisbane to Townsville.

The staff member allegedly asked Natalie to cover up because people coming down the aisle to use the bathroom would be able to see her breastfeeding her child.

Natalie said that before the flight, a man at baggage drop at Brisbane airport had given her a row to herself after she told him she’d be pumping breast milk on the flight. She said she pumped when passengers were seated while the seatbelt light was on.

She also said she was covered up with a t-shirt while wearing a pumping bra underneath.

“It shouldnt (sic) matter anyway if i was covered because legally i have a right to pump anywhere, anytime i want and if i feel the need to cover up i will do so and not because people have to walk down the aisle to the toilet,” Natalie wrote on the Jetstar Facebook page.

Jetstar spokesman Michael Scott apologised on behalf of the airline, saying: “We want all mothers to feel welcome and respected when breastfeeding onboard our flights and deeply regret the offence caused by our crew member’s remarks.”

Natalie has called for Jetstar staff to be retrained, and it seems the airline agree. “We’ll work with our crew and remind them of our breastfeeding policy to prevent this from happening to other mothers,” Michael said.

“All I ask is to be treated like a normal person by your staff,” Natalie said.

Her Facebook post has since been deleted.

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