Mum of quadruplets sums up parenthood in 30 seconds

This mum from Utah took drastic measures to get a little 'me' time away for her four babies.

Life with quads

Ashley Garner, from Utah in the U.S., has the daunting task of raising quadruplets.

And as many mums will appreciate, it’s pretty hard to get some alone time when you’re surrounded by one or more little person.

In a short video posted to social media, the mum of four epitomises what motherhood is like, as she hides from her own children in the pantry.

“So I’m hiding in the pantry eating a treat. Is that wrong?” the mum tells the camera.

“They don’t ever go away – they want everything you have,” the mum exclaims, as she films her daughters discovering her secret hiding spot.

“Hi” one of the girls calls repeatedly under the door.

Give the video a watch below.

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