The moment a mother holds her premature baby for the first time

The touching video was shared on social media.
Mum meets new baby

A video of a new mum meeting her premature baby for the first time has gone viral, after being shared on social media.

Baby Hugo was delivered via C-section at 10 weeks premature, being whisked away by doctors as soon as he was out.

His mother Jessica, like many mums before her, was only briefly able to see her baby before he was taken for evaluation.

As she had to recover too, it was almost 60 hours before they were reunited again.

It was then that Jessica was finally allowed to hold her baby for the first time.

Overcome with emotion, the new mum begins to sob as Hugo is placed on her chest and snuggles into her.

The moment was captured and posted on Love What Matters, with the author writing: “I took this video hoping to catch a moment, never did I anticipate seeing the exact moment that she fell completely in love with him. The bond between Mother and Son immediately solidified.

“I hope that this video can show people that Love is the most important thing in anyone’s life. Without it we will simply exist, when our goal is to live.”

The video has had over 100,000 comments since it was posted earlier this week, with many mothers sharing their stories of premature births.

One Facebook user wrote: “I literally just went through this last Wednesday. My boy was only a month early but he’s only 3 pounds. My placenta stopped feeding him and I had to have an emergency C section or else we both wouldn’t have made it… I didn’t get to meet him for a few days. But now I’m sitting with him in the hospital. It’s so amazing how strong these lil guys are. Prayers and thoughts are with you.”

Another shared her experience of meeting her daughter for the first time: “She looked up at me and smiled… I couldn’t hold back the tears! So tiny – but remarkably perfect.”

See the video here.

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