Is this portion size way too big for a three-year-old?

A mother in law has taken aim at the portion sizes one mum is giving her kids, saying she's "appalled" by how much food they're getting.
Portion sizes

Portion sizes

Mother in laws have a reputation for sticking their noses where they’re not wanted.

And one mum has shared her experience of an overbearing mother in law, who took offence at the portion sizes she gave her kids.

Mumsnet user Blondeaninept said her MIL was appalled when she saw the servings she gave her three and six year old children, that consisted of vegetables, chicken and mozzarella sticks.

She told the mum that it was “way, way too much,” for such tiny tots.

Taking to the parenting network for validation, the mum asked: What’s the right portion size for children’s meals?

Is this the world’s most meddling mother-in-law?

The original message on Mumsnet

But many were quick to jump to Blondeaninept’s defence.

“Looks fine to me, plenty of veg on the plate,” wrote one user. “Kids are great at telling you if they are too full/don’t want it. Ignore, they’re your kids!”

No-one seemed to agree with the mother-in-law, but some mums did question if there was actually enough food on the plate…

NavyandWhite wrote: “I was thinking it doesn’t look enough,” while Losingtheplad said, “It doesn’t look like that much to me…”

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