What’s the best way to say thank you to your mother?

This is a real tear jerker.
Daughter's message to mother

Daughter's message to mother

If you wrote an anonymous message to your mother, would she know it was you?

Jewellery brand Pandora wanted to test this idea, using 8 mothers and daughters, an art gallery, and some framed prints.

The mothers were invited to a gallery where eight framed messages hung – and were tasked with picking which one came from their own daughter.

As they tried to work out which message was for them, they were surprised by the daughters themselves – who gave them a very unique thank you.

“The campaign honours the profoundly emotional relationship between mothers and daughters: each one unique, defined by the experiences they share and the unique qualities passed on from one generation to another,” said a spokesperson for Pandora.

From daughters who said thank you for helping them through “difficult decisions,” to those who admired their mother’s strength and character, this a real tear jerker.

So if you’re missing your mum, perhaps not one to watch in a room full of people. Just saying.

A new app has launched on today which allows users to write a unique message and then send it to their mothers. Your mother will receive the message in a line up with a few other messages and she will then be invited to choose which message was yours.

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