Heart transplant mum dies within hours of giving birth

The heart-breaking tragedy was completely unexpected.
Heart transplant mum Megan Johnson dies within hours of giving birth.Getty Images

A woman who survived heart transplant surgery seven years ago has died within hours of giving birth to her first child.

Megan Johnson, 31, gave birth to her first child, Eilee Kate, in Vanderbilt University Medical Centre in Nashville on Tuesday at 2.40am. Her husband Nathan at her side.

Although mother and baby appeared to be doing well, it’s understood Johnson’s condition spiralled and before 10am, the new mother had passed, the Daily Mail reports.

Johnson had undergone heart transplant surgery when she was 23 after contracting a virus which led to myocarditis – a disease of inflamed heart muscles – in her teens.

Johnson underwent a heart transplant in 2010. Photo: Megan Moss Johnson/Instagram

At this stage there has been no confirmation as to the cause of the death, and doctors say they don’t believe the disease was an underlying factor.

Josh Wilson, a close friend Johnson’s husband told the Mail Online Johnson’s death was a shocking tragedy for those close to the young couple.

“It was totally unexpected, I can’t stop crying. No one saw it coming.

“The pregnancy was tough, like all pregnancies. But their doctor had cleared them, said it was safe, and the birth was smooth. They even sat together for hours afterwards just talking and talking. They had no idea.”

Megan and Nathan with Eilee just after she was born. Photo/Gofundme

Wilson says although his friend is struggling to come to terms with what has happened, the community has rallied in support to help him through this incredibly difficult time.

“He’s up and down. He’s doing ok. Meg was so excited for baby Eilee and spent her whole pregnancy preparing for her, so she gave him a good start. We’re all just trying to spend as much time with him and Eilee as possible, all doing shifts at the house. It’s unbelievable what’s happened.”

Friends and family have started a fundraiser to help the young father. A GoFundMe account aimed at raising $40,000 surpassed that goal and reached $330,168 in just one day.

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