Groom makes beautiful promise to bride’s little girl

So lovely.
Wedding promise

Wedding promise

When you marry someone who already has kids, it can be tough to make sure they feel accepted as part of the new family unit.

That’s why one groom decided to make his bride’s daughter an extra special promise – as part of his wedding vows.

As he stands at the altar about to marry her mother, the groom pauses the ceremony to kneel down next to the tiny tot – and hands her a wedding gift of her own.

“Marissa I am so happy to be marrying your mother, and I love you so much too,” the groom says to the girl.

“I am so blessed to have a little girl in my life now.

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“So just as I promised your mum with a diamond, I had to get you one too.”

Placing the diamond around her neck, he explains: “It’s in the shape of a heart so you’ll always have a piece of my heart with you.”

“I love you and I promise to treat you like nothing less than my own daughter.”

Anyone else have tears in their eyes after watching this?

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