Fit mum shares workouts 2 weeks after giving birth

Emily Breeze Ross has divided opinion over her workouts.
Exercise after childbirth

Exercise after childbirth

A mum who gave birth just one month ago is causing controversy online, after jumping straight back into intense workout sessions.

Emily Breeze Ross gave birth to son Bly on May 16, but just two weeks later was back working out at her local gym.

Taking to Instagram to share the news, the coach and CrossFit competitor has since ramped up her workouts – weightlifting, running and working on her ab muscles.

And while some have praised the new mum for her dedication to fitness, others have warned she risks damaging her pelvic floor by getting back into exercise so quickly postpartum.

However Emily seems determined to keep up with her routine, captioning one photo: “I gave birth to my lil’ dude in the background one month ago and I am focused on showing him that health is your wealth!”

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Emily pictured just two weeks after giving birth

So when are you allowed to start exercising after giving birth?

Doctors used to recommend women wait six weeks before starting exercising after giving birth, but as times have changed the general consensus is if you’ve had an uncomplicated vaginal delivery – you can begin whenever you’re ready.*

If you’ve had a caesarean or a traumatic delivery, consult your doctor before starting exercise again, just to make sure there are no complications.

*Via The Mayo Clinic

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