One dad’s not sure about the appropriateness of this kids book…

A father noticed something a little, er, off about the children's book In The Night Garden.

Popular kids’ show In The Night Garden has got parents concerned – and slightly amused – by its hidden (sexual) subtext.

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The accompanying book of the same name was pinpointed by a father, David Lordan, who questioned a particular passage to the Facebook page The Unmumsy Mum.

The page of the book said: “Upsy Daisy gave Igglepiggle a great, big, Upsy Daisy kiss.


“What’s that on Upsy Daisy’s tummy?

“It’s a mucky patch!

“What fun!”

Alongside the image, David wrote: “Tell me I’m not the only one who thinks this is abit off? I’m guessing igglepiggle got abit excited. Happens to us all big fella.”

The post has gotten more than 18,000 likes, with thousands of people agreeing with the level of sexual innuendo they’re witnessing, and also finding it quite funny.

“The tombliboos have never got any trousers on, upsy daisy lifts her skirt for all and sundry and one of my kids thinks they’re saying tittybirds…. I’m not even getting into macca pakka and his ‘washing his stone’,” one person said.

“The other night Macca Pacca was rubbing his stones and Upsy Daisy was lifting her skirt and dancing for Iggle Piggle.”

One wrote: “Our version comes with a picture too.”

Another said: “This scene was so inappropriate!”, and posted this photo.

Have you noticed the suggestive nature of the show too?

Watch Igglepiggle get a ‘mucky patch’ below

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