Clarke Gayford’s 4am tweet brilliantly sums up the difficult task of getting a baby back to sleep in the night

Sounds as if the night life is pumping at the PM's place!

All parents know the frustration of trying to get a scratchy baby back to sleep in the middle of the night. And after all of your efforts it invariably ends with you left lying wide awake while your baby happily slumbers.

It’s kind of cute to know that life in the Prime Minister’s house is no different, with First Baby Neve giving her dad a run for his money last night in the settling stakes.

Clarke Gayford shared this adorable tweet at 4am today:

“Ah yes of course it was the 2 finger bum tap while rocking just off 180 degrees with light on dim and white noise rolling waves on beach not waves on rocks mind you, and only if turned to the east.

“That. finally. induced. sleep,” he tweeted.

“It seems so obvious now as i lay here SO AWAKE👀”

Gayford was duly rewarded for his honesty with a priceless collection of Twitter responses that offered encouragement and reassurance.

“My now Miss 9 would only sleep in the first 3 months of her life if she was on me, and I was walking in anti-clockwise circles. They need to do a Survivor: Newborn Edition. Commandos would beg to go home,” tweeted #BringThemHere

“Aww bless. Good on ya daddo. Hilariously, just as you learn the trick for one thing, she’ll evolve and you’ll have to detect a whole new pattern. They’re so mint,” cautioned WestCoastRogue.

“Walking up & down stairs. I had quads like you wouldn’t believe,” replied fellow dad Martin Bridges.

“A wakeful baby is a sign of intelligence. .this maybe utter crap but take whatever comfort you need,” encouraged Grow From Here Kaye.

Another reminded him that an upside was “2am Twitter is pretty awesome (and supportive)”

Many pointed out that once Neve was a teen he wouldn’t be able to raise her before noon.

While we all know that First Man Clarke Gayford will be extra-tired today, at least he can take comfort from the fact he is not alone in those early hours.

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