Both these women are about to give birth – but there’s one huge difference

“We all carry babies differently."

Fitness model Chontel Duncan is due to give birth this month but her pregnancy is barely even noticeable.

At her 21st week of pregnancy, she posted an incredible bump comparison pic with her friend Nat, who is just four weeks ahead in her pregnancy.

The Australian mum-to-be wanted to raise awareness that all women carry their babies in different ways and to encourage other expecting mums not to worry about their progress.

“Each woman carries different and this most certainly doesn’t mean one is doing something wrong or not healthy.”

The former Miss Universe finalist works as a high intensity interval training instructor and still trains a few times a week.

She hopes that keeping up a high level of fitness will help her prepare for the pregnancy.

“Labour & the delivery is a MARATHON.

“Would you rock up to the day of your marathon unprepared? NO.

“I’m rocking up to my marathon feeling strong, healthy, fit & mentally prepared…. All these things I believe will help bring out confidence in a first time experience called Labour.”

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