Girl shows school friends her new prosthetic leg for first time

Seven-year-old Anu from Birmingham nervously showed her friends her new prosthetic leg for the first time - and their reaction is precious.

It’s true that, whilst children can be absolute terrors sometimes, most of the time they really do bring out the best in human nature.

Children are born without prejudice or judgement, and this has been proven ten times over by seven-year-old Anu and her friends from Birmingham, in the UK.

Anu, whose leg was amputated almost straight after birth, was fitted with a new prosthetic leg recently.

Anu could be seen nervously walking over to her friends (Credit: Facebook/ BBC Midlands Today)

In a video taken by BBC Midlands Today, Anu can be seen nervously walking up to her friends with her new prosthetic leg.

Some people may have been concerned that her fellow classmates might have reacted badly to her new leg, possibly even bullying or saying nasty things to her.

But there was absolutely no need to worry, as her little friends had the best reaction to her – they immediately hugged her with big grins on their faces.

Anu’s little friends thought her leg was amazing (Credit: Facebook/ BBC Midlands Today)

One friend gave her a lovely big hug (Credit: Facebook/ BBC Midlands Today)

One girl asked her: “Is that your new pink leg?” and another exclaimed “Wow!”

They all then ran off together and it became business as usual – Anu’s leg didn’t even factor as an issue in their minds.

Anu’s new blade, which means she is able to run and dance, has been custom-made especially for her after the NHS received new funding of £1.5 million (NZ$2.8 Million) last year for research and the creation of prosthetics.

The government’s funding will run out in March next year – but prosthetics need to be replaced every two years.

Which unfortunately means that Anu’s family may have to fork out for her new leg.

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