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People share what surprises them most about world history

We asked our readers what surprises them most from history, and your answers were fascinating.

In the current, slightly surreal times of Trump, Brexit, and 'fake news,' it can be easy to feel like history is repeating itself, or at least failing to take heed of past mistakes.
We asked Kiwis, what surprises you most about history, and your responses were fascinating.
For many of you, the man of the moment, Donald Trump, was on the tip of your collective toungues, while for others you still find the fact that the Holocaust happened the most shocking event in modern history. Here were some of our favourite answers:
"We celebrate the event (Bonfire Night) and the man (Guy Fawkes) who attempted to avert the course of democracy."
"The American people voted for Trump."
"How Hitler fooled Germany with his rhetoric around Christian family values."
"That heroin used to be used to help alleviate coughing fits in children."
"The segregation of race that still exists in America."
"That women in New Zealand still don't get paid the same as men in the same professions."
"Witch hunts in Medieval times and the number of people killed because of them."
Many of you said you still can't fathom that the Holocaust actually happened
"That dinosaurs used to walk the earth - how insane!"
"That tobacco companies used to run physician endorsed ads that suggested smoking had health benefits."
"The building of the pyramids."
"That man walked on the moon."
"That Coca-cola used to contain actual cocaine."
Some said the existence of the pyramids still astounds them
"The way us humans find any excuse to create wars."
"That we still haven't found a better way to resolve conflict."
"That we never seem to learn from past mistakes."