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Australian woman’s viral road rage rant sparks backlash

The motorist who posted the video to social media has been copping some flak for making fun of the woman.

Footage of a road rage incident that went viral after it was posted to Facebook this week has sparked an angry social media backlash.
The video was posted by Victorian motorist Jake Mandas on Wednesday night, and has now been seen over 3.5 million times.
It shows a woman pulling up to a set of traffic lights and verbally unleashing on Mandas, who filmed the incident on his mobile phone.
The 23-year-old claims he did nothing to incite the woman’s angry tirade.
Photo: Jake Mandas/Facebook
"You'll pull out and cause an accident! Take my photo, you're the one that pulled out, and I've got your car number!
"You'll cause an accident! Yeah! Record it! Two can play at your game!" the woman can be heard yelling.
Mid-rant, Mandas, who is also a film-maker, flips the camera around to show his somewhat bemused reaction, before continuing to film the incident.
However, it’s not the woman’s words which have caused the video to go viral; it’s her shrieking delivery that makes what she is saying almost unintelligible.
The video was posted with a caption that read: “I didn’t even cut this person off and look at this ancient language I was spoken too in.”
Aside from the video's many views, it’s also been commented on over 53,000 times.
While it’s gotten plenty of support, there are also some who’ve hit out at the film-maker saying his video, along with his reaction, could be making fun of a person who may be suffering with mental illness.
Mandas claims he wasn't trying to make fun of the woman at all, saying he was the one that was abused.
“Deadset?" he wrote on Facebook, I’m making fun of someone with mental illness.. I took a video of someone abusing me while I was driving.. relax a little lol.”