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Weight watchers: what’s their big secret?

Victoria: bulky bridesmaid Victoria Pinder, 36North ShoreWas 78.6kg now 64kgI couldn't remember the last time I felt good about myself. I'd put on weight after the birth of my daughter in 2005. She was

Victoria: bulky bridesmaid

*Victoria Pinder, 36

North Shore

Was 78.6kg now 64kg*

I couldn’t remember the last time I felt good about myself. I’d put on weight after the birth of my daughter in 2005. She was born 11 weeks premature and I suffered post-traumatic stress and turned to food for comfort.I got post-natal depression when my son was born in 2007, and became quite skilled at binge eating and hiding the evidence.

I had a terrible self-image and my doctor warned I was at risk of type 2 diabetes. Seeing photos of me as a bridesmaid at my sister’s wedding was the last straw.

When I learned there was a Weight Watchers meeting just two doors away from me, I knew there was no excuse.For so long I was in a small, dark place, but now I’ve got to my goal weight, the world is my oyster.

Brenda: giant teen

*Brenda Drew, 44


Was 68.9kg now 60.8kg

*I struggled with my weight all my life. At 14, I weighed 76kg and I remember my mother buying me a size 20 skirt.

I tried to find a quick fix to my weight problem but at 34 I joined Weight Watchers and swore I would never let my size creep up. I’ve kept to my goal weight using Weight Watchers recipes for 10 years, which my friends say is quite an achievement.

I love the fact that I can eat anything, provided I balance it. I can still have pancakes, banana and bacon for lunch as long as I’m careful the rest of the day and do exercise.

I have learned how to think positively and it’s given me the power to think of myself as a beautiful person, and the power to stay in control.

Zoey: biscuit binger

*Zoey Rapley, 22


Was 80.8kg now 63kg

*When I started trying to lose weight it was all about looking better. I cringed when I looked at photos of myself. And my boyfriend of six years and I were on the rocks, so it was a good time to make some life-changing decisions.

I broke up with my boyfriend and I was so determined to lose weight, I even managed to slim down when I broke my foot. I couldn’t exercise for four months while I was in a cast, but I was very disciplined about what I ate.

I only lost 5kg over those four months, but as soon as my cast was removed the weight started falling off me.

oy biggest weakness used to be my love for giant-sized Belgian biscuits. I still love eating Belgian biscuits now but I restrict myself to the normal size.

Now I’m single and I’m skinny, and I love it!

Stacey: chocolate addict

*Stacey Irving, 37


Was 114.9kg now 66.6kg*

People used to say it was a pity I was so overweight because I had such a pretty face. But I felt guilty about exercising because I thought I should be spending any free time with my three kids.

Food made me happy and as I worked full-time, whenever I was too busy to cook we would have takeaways. Chocolate was my friend – it’s still my friend but we have a much healthier relationship now.

I wanted people to think of me as the friendly fat girl who always had a smile on her face. Coming almost last walking the 10km of the Lake Rotorua relay was a turning point – three days later I joined Weight Watchers. I lost my weight slowly over a period of three years, which has helped me to keep it off.

I also had high blood pressure and was getting about three migraines a week, but now I only get around one a month.

Karl: unfit ice skater

*Karl Hewitt, 39


Was 101.5kg now 77kg*

When I stopped smoking I knew that I was going to put on weight, but I didn’t know how much. The problem was I loved takeaways, especially KFC. I used to pull all the skin off it and save it until last.

As an ice-skater I found that my size was becoming an obstacle in my sport. I was struggling to do jumps. I also had back pain and the surgeon told me that losing weight was a better option than resorting to surgery. My pain and my skating improved after joining Weight Watchers.

I still have the occasional slip-up but I just enjoy it and make sure I get back on track the next day.

Janene: big as an all black

*Janene Rodger, 46

North Shore

Was 89.8kg now 64.5kg*

I used to love cooking five roast potatoes just for myself. But I didn’t really care about my health too much – I just hated how hard it was to buy clothes.

But when my father had a stroke and I found out my blood pressure was actually much worse than his, it made me realise how important it was to be healthy.

When I discovered I weighed the same as an All Black I felt so ashamed and told myself to go to Weight Watchers on oonday, and I did.

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