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Daniel Faitaua’s brother has passed away following his battle with cancer

“I am feeling emptiness and pain. I am heartbroken.”

TVNZ Europe correspondent Daniel Faitaua’s brother Anthony has died, following his battle with cancer.

In a heartbreaking Instagram post, Daniel has shared his brother passed away peacefully at his home in New Zealand, surrounded by family.

“I am feeling emptiness and pain. I am heartbroken,” Daniel shared.

“The coronavirus outbreak is adding to the heartbreak because I can’t get home and be with family. Saying goodbye to someone you love is always hard but it’s harder when you’re on the other side of the world.

“The last six months haven’t been taken for granted as we’ve discovered the true bond of brotherhood through our separate journeys.”

The London-based former Breakfast host added he’d Facetimed and Instagrammed his daily excursion to share with Anthony and loved seeing his brother sharing his daily achievements of making every minute count.

“My boys even sent videos to their uncle to say ‘hi’ and check how he’s doing before swamping him with clips from band practice, school class council, sporting success and new places they’ve visited.

“Anthony was protective, loyal and always put others first. He has, will and always inspire me to have courage and to be kind.

“I will miss him so much.”

Daniel was announced as the new Europe correspondent last year and on his final day as part of the Breakfast team in August, the TV presenter opened up about his brother’s battle with cancer, dedicating his last day on the show to Anthony.

“It’s a bittersweet farewell because you guys have always been there for me,” he told his colleagues.

“But my brother is dying of cancer at the moment and for the last week we’ve been spending time with him.”

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Daniel also thanked the nurses and doctors who had been caring for his brother in Christchurch before continuing: “He’s home now and that will be where he spends his last few days.

“He’s the one that said to me, ‘Go back and finish your last show with your family, with your friends, with your colleagues and say goodbye to everyone’, including him.

“So Anthony, if you’re watching, I love you so much.”

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