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This woman is officially the world’s ‘pinkest person’

This woman is officially the world’s pinkest person. Yes really.
world's pinkest person

world's pinkest person

A woman from Hollywood, LA, has been dubbed the world’s pinkest person – after living her life inside an entirely rose-hued universe in California.

Kitten Kay Sera, 52, has lived in a totally pink house, worn pink clothing, and had pink hair for the past 35 years.

She’s even dyed her pet dog, Miss Kisses, a bright shade of pink (using vet approved beetroot juice dyes).

And after winning Ripley’s Believe it or Not ‘Pinkest Person’ title, Kitten is understandably celebrating.

“I consider myself proudly to be a pink flamingo in a world of pigeons,” she says.

“I am the world’s pinkest person and my life is devoted to that colour. Some people think I am weird but frankly I am fierce and fabulous.”

Thinking pink has cost Kitten hundreds of thousands of dollars, though her pink persona and home are apparently constantly in demand from designers.

“I just finished a photo shoot with Paris Hilton. Ruby Rose, Ellen Von Unwerth have shot here and Beyoncé’s a pal also. Fashion houses, including Moschino, are constantly asking to use me or my pink home in photo shoots,” she says.

And for Kitten, she says there’s nothing girlie about wearing pink, adding: “it can be delicate and demanding, tempered or tough.”

Isn’t that wonderful?

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