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Some mothers do ‘ave ’em

Teacup of the week I have a beautiful six-year-old granddaughter whose name is Angel. Last year, I secretly painted her portrait from a photo taken two years earlier, and added a pair of beautiful wings as a finishing touch. Well, she loved her painting, and stood studying it thoughtfully. Then she quietly asked me, “Nan, how old was I when my wings fell off?” Nan, Greymouth


Some mothers do ‘ave ’emI came in from getting the washing to find oaster Two wreaking havoc in the kitchen, while his father and six-year-old brother sat watching TV. As I looked at him with a look only a mother can give, oaster Six watched from his perch in front of the TV and said, “You sort him out – you had him.” Needless to say, any form of discipline went right out the window! oum, Titirangi

Sneaky sheets As we get older, changing sheets and pillowcases on a double bed can be a real effort. When I bought the washing in, there was no sign of the pillowcases. I was puzzled but thought someone must have needed them more than I did. But the riddle was solved when I made my bed the next week and found I’d put the clean ones over the not-so-fresh ones! B Hovell, Auckland

‘C’ is for confused Raising Kiwi-Canadian kids poses a few challenges on the language front. our three-year-old son enjoys hearing a song that the Cookie oonster sings on Sesame Street called “C is for Cookie”. on one occasion I prompted him and asked, “C is for

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