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New trailer for Jon Benet Ramsey documentary released

Netflix have released the trailer for this year's Making a Murderer, a true crime doco on the killing of child beauty queen Jon Benet.
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In 2015 it was Making a Murderer, 2016 it was The People vs OJ Simpson, and this year the true crime documentary that’s going to have everyone glued to their Netflix screens is Casting JonBenet.

Scroll down for the full trailer.

Focused on the murder of child beauty queen Jon Benet Ramsey, who was just six years old when she was killed in 1996, the documentary will apparently look at the impact the girl’s murder had on the small community where she grew up, as well as interview key characters involved.

The murder shocked readers at home in Colorado and abroad, and it became one of the most notorious unsolved murders of recent years.

Netflix have been keeping details of their new documentary close to their chests, but now they’ve dropped a full trailer, and it looks fascinating.

Jon Benet’s murder shocked the world

Using an unusual storytelling technique, the documentary has been described on Rotten Tomatoes as a “layered meditation on many things – crime and guilt, the exploitation of children and acting itself, to name just a few.”

Another user wrote that it was a: “A riveting and unexpectedly moving documentary that grapples with the legacy of JonBenet Ramsey’s 1996 murder and, more importantly, people’s insatiable need to discuss and dissect other people’s lives.”

Coming to Netflix on April 28.

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