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Mother’s final selfless act

A mother has died after saving her toddler in her final act.
A mother has died after saving her toddler from faulty escalator.

A mother has been crushed to death in a shocking mall accident, sparing her child’s life in her final act.

Xiang Liujuan, 30, plunged to her death after falling through an access cover at the top of an escalator at a department store in Hubei province, China. The mother was riding the escalator with her son on Saturday when the floor gave way at the top of the stairs, causing her to be crushed by the rolling mechanism.

Shocking footage has been leaked, capturing Xiang’s final act – heroically throwing her son to safety. As she steps off the escalator, some of the floor panels give way, causing her and her son to fall through. She desperately throws her son to safety as she is sucked into the mechanism. A bystander tries to pull Xiang to safety, but is unable to do so.

Her body was recovered more than four hours later by firefighters, who had to cut open the machine to retrieve her. She showed “no signs of life”, according to The Shanghaiist.

Maintenance had just been completed on the escalator and it is alleged workers forgot to screw the access cover back in place.


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