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Meet the couple who planned a wedding in 48 hours

This successful couple, who live in New York, put together their big day in under two days. Here’s how they did it.
Shotgun wedding

Shotgun wedding

When this creative power couple decided to get married, everyone assumed they’d have an elaborate wedding.

She, the photographer, director and contributor, and he, the studio manager for a famed architect – there was just no way this was going to be a small wedding.

But when Lucas Flores Piran and Ana Boschieto decided to get married, they just wanted to do it right away.

Speaking to, Ana told them: “We went to the City Hall the day before to get an appointment. We wanted our ceremony to be spontaneous and carefree. We organised everything in 48 hours, which really was the beauty of it.”

You can see the story here.

After booking their venue, Ana went to Barneys with her best friend to pick a dress – stating she wanted something simple.

This however was quite a time consuming task, with Ana not happy enough with any of the options on offer. After three hours however, her friend finally found an Alexander Wang dress that she tried on and loved.

Two days later, Ana had her hair blown out at the salon, did her own make up and added some flowers to her hair – then headed to City Hall.

Her husband-to-be chose a blue suit with a “Mad Men style” tie, as he was adamant he’d not be wearing a tux.

And to toast to their wedding? Beers and fries, because “nobody had eaten all day,” said the couple, who found the closest bar they could to grab a drink in.

After the toast came a big family dinner, followed by an after party and dancing until the wee hours.

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