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Lorraine Downes’ heartbreaking tribute to Martin Crowe

The former pageant queen and widow of Martin Crowe has posted a loving tribute to her husband

Lorraine took to Facebook earlier today to share a poignant photo of her and Martin’s hands clasped together, with both of their wedding rings clearly visible.

“Marty, you truly loved me well,” she wrote.

“Forever grateful to you, my beautiful man. It all will never be forgotten. Until we meet again.”

Lorraine shared this image on Facebook ahead of Martin’s funeral today.

The post was shared ahead of Martin’s funeral, which began at 1pm today in Parnell’s Holy Trinity Cathedral in Auckland.

His tragic passing sent shockwaves through New Zealand last week, as Kiwis and fans from all over the world mourned the loss of a cricketing legend. The icon passed away at the age of 53 after fighting a long battle with cancer.

Actor Russell Crowe, Martin’s cousin, is a pallbearer at the funeral, while Black Caps stars Ross Taylor and Martin Guptill – who both counted Martin as a mentor – sent tributes in via video link.

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“I hope I made him proud. He will never know how much he meant to me,” Ross said during his tribute, while Martin revealed he was “so proud that [Martin] called Ross and I the sons he never had”.

In her heartfelt message, Lorraine reflected on her husband and spoke of their rock solid bond.

“Many of the public knew him as a cricketing legend. I knew him only as my soulmate,” she said.

Martin was inducted into the ICC Cricket Hall of Fame last year. Photo: Getty

“For us, we always knew and felt that [the word ‘soulmate] was true for us, and we were always destined to be together.”

Calling her late husband the “most honest” man she had ever met, Lorraine also paid tribute to his devotion to the family.

“Marty believed being a father was his greatest achievement, and it brought him the most pleasure he ever got out of anything in life.”

Watch: Martin Crowe on getting inducted into the Hall of Fame

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