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Jacinda Ardern appears in this month’s Vogue

The fashion and lifestyle magazine describes her as young, forward-looking and unabashedly liberal.
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The latest issue of Vogue is out featuring Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

The American edition of the fashion and lifestyle magazine released the story and images today.

In the feature, Vogue describes Ardern as “young, forward-looking, and unabashedly liberal – the Anti-Trump”.

The interview was one of only four magazine interviews granted during Ardern’s first 100 days in office – the others were with The Australian Women’s Weekly (New Zealand and Australia versions) and Marie Claire.

It covers her meteoric rise to her role as Prime Minister, the deprivation she saw growing up in her community that motivated her to make a difference – and, of course, her pregnancy news.

Ardern revealed to Vogue over the phone on the day of the pregnancy announcement: “It was a Friday night… Clarke and I just laughed about it because there was now literally nothing that could happen to me that would make this year bigger.”

Vogue states that Ardern was named most likely to become prime minister in high school and looks at where Ardern’s passion to address childhood poverty stems from:

“But her political awakening came from seeing deprivation in her rural community: widespread drug and alcohol dependency; classmates with no lunch; poverty-stricken neighbors who committed suicide.”

Vogue describes Ardern as “clear-eyed about what a prime minister of New Zealand, a country with a population of under five million, can achieve on the world stage.”

“We’re small,” she says, “but we do our bit by standing up for what we believe in.”

Vogue observes: “That Ardern has such a specific vision for what needs to be done is all the more remarkable when you consider that high office was very much thrust upon her… Ardern didn’t want the job. Not yet. She was from a close-knit Mormon family… and she wanted to start a family of her own with Gayford.”

The images of Ardern were taken at Hooker Farm at Bethells Beach.

Both the story and images have received some great responses on social media. See below.

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