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Unwitting models being used as the faces of white supremacy are furious

Their pictures are being used without their consent.

One thing that has been observed since the rise of Donald Trump and the outcome of Brexit is how white supremacist groups have cashed in on the popularity of xenophobia and embraced racial tensions.

It’s nothing new for bigots to hide behind the anonymity of social media accounts to push their cause, but many have also gone a step further in recruiting unconsenting poster girls for their vile hatred and using their images to promote a superiority to other races.


A journalist from [Racked]( http://www.racked.com/2016/12/7/13855344/white-supremacy-models-memes |target=”_blank”|rel=”nofollow”) has reached out to some of these fair skinned, light eyed models who had no idea they were participating in the messages.

Swedish blogger, Joana Gröblinghoff’s images prove popular with one of the white nationalist groups and she was outraged when she found out.

“This is disgusting!” told Racked. “I was never asked for permission and this is not the way I want to see my face on the internet!”

Fiona Quinn is the photographer behind the original photo in one tweet.

She said this kind of Neo-Nazi rhetoric went against her very nature.

“I am horrified. This goes against my belief systems and makes me feel sick. I live in New Zealand — we are multicultural and so many of my close friends are not white!”

According to the report, Australian model Gemma Ward is also a favourite of some of these accounts.

Twitter has long been criticised by users for not responding to racism, bigotry, hate speech and threats of more effectively.

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