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Have you been saying this word wrong your whole life?

Who is for tea and scones?


Depending on who you talk to, pronunciations of English terms can vary wildly.

And there are certain words that highlight the discrepancy in the pronunciation of our language more than others.

One of those words is ‘scone’ – those Cornish delicacies renowned for being a part of the infamous Cornish cream tea.

But what is the proper way of saying scone?

Is it short and sharp like ‘gone,’ or long and drawn out like ‘bone.’

In its country of origin, the population is still divided, with many southerners or those speaking the ‘queen’s English’ choosing the ‘bone’ version of pronouncing it.

In the north however, the situation is different, with the majority of people pronouncing it the short and sharp ‘gone’ way.

YouGov decided to poll Britain on this all important issue, because, you know, they haven’t got enough to sort out already.

And just like Brexit, the results were tight. 51% agreed it should be pronounced like ‘gone’ rather than ‘bone.’

Another important issue that was polled was whether jam or clotted cream should go onto scones first – with jam then cream coming out top at 61%.

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