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The Kea wins Bird of the Year 2017

The early bird gets the worm, the alpine parrot gets the 2017 Bird of the Year title.

By Alex Blackwood
After a feather-ruffling two weeks, the kea is now lining its nest with its first Bird of the Year win.
The highly intelligent, olive green non-flightless bird, latin name Nestus notabilis (meaning Notable bird) is listed on Forest & Bird's Bird of the Year page as "in serious trouble", with only 3,000 - 7,000 birds remaining. The kea's campaign was led by enthusiasts, researchers and supported by the Kea Conservation Trust.
The aim of the competition was to raise awareness for New Zealand's native birds - a third of which are in danger of becoming extinct due to predators like as stoats, possums, and rats. You don't even need to be a bird enthusiast to find that really quite upsetting.
The runner-up birds, the clumsy kererū and the chubby kākāpō came close with 4572 and 2554 votes respectively. But in the end, the worlds only alpine parrot got the worm at the end of the day.
Supporters of the beloved New Zealand Dotterel are fine. No really I'm doing just fine.
To help you celebrate if you were a kea voter or to help you get through this difficult time if you weren't, we have prepared a list of facts about the kea for you to whip out at parties.
Or to comfort you through these hard times, as you struggle to accept that your favourite bird didn't win. No really I'm ok. I'll be fine. It's fine.