This is the worst date to get married

New research suggests these special dates leave you at higher risk of divorce.
What is the worst day to get married?

What is the worst day to get married?

When planning your big day, there are plenty of things to consider.

Does it clash with other family members’ anniversaries or big birthdays, have your chosen venues got availability, will your friends and relatives be able to get time off.

But according to new research, certain dates can also spell disaster for your marriage – as they come with a higher risk of divorce than others.

A study from the Melbourne Institute warns that those who marry on love-focused commercial holidays, i.e. Valetines’ Day, are more likely to separate than those who chose just a normal day of the year.

Professor David Ribar and Dr. Jan Kabátek used information from over a million marriages between 1999 and 2013 for their study, which turned up interesting results.

Gimmicky days led to a higher divorce rate, according to the study

“By their fifth anniversaries, 11 percent of Valentine’s Day marriages, 10 percent of same number date marriages and eight present of ordinary date marriages were estimated to fail,” read the report.

Four years later, and those percentages increased even more dramatically.

Research found that couples who married on gimmicky dates tended to share less common characteristics – in terms of education and ages – whereas those who married on normal days of the year had more of these things in common.

Research from The University of Melbourne.

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