The wedding trend we hope won’t catch on – and other terrible wedding trends

Call us traditional, but we prefer a good, ole engagement ring.

Wedding trends change all the time and the majority we’re happy to embrace. But there’s one new trend we hope won’t catch on, and that’s finger piercing.

Yes, that’s right. In lieu of wearing an engagement ring, brides-to-be are opting to have their finger pierced with a diamond stud.

The practice has gained popularity with millennials and we guess the upside is you’ll never lose your engagement ring…

But your piercing could become infected; the scar that it leaves would be a permanent reminder of your fiance, whether you live happily ever after together or not; and they just don’t look as gorgeous as a traditional engagement ring.

The ‘look’ is a single diamond ‘floating’ on your finger. Or scroll down a bit further for a ‘take’ on the engagement ring that, in our minds, seems too painful for words.

Call us traditional, but we prefer a good ole regular engagement ring.

Here, we look back on a few other wedding trends that, in our view, should never have seen the light of day:

The bridal party bum shot

No, no, no. Tacky at best and never a ‘proud moment’ to look back on.

Trash the dress

Not artful, just wasteful. There goes your opportunity to pass your dress down to your daughter.

Over-the-top wedding cakes

This wedding cake proves that simplicity can sometimes be underrated.

The wedding croc

Crocs are the most offensive example of footwear ever known to womankind. Crocs should only be worn by small children at the beach to prevent them from burning their feet on the hot sand.

Wedding cake smash

Seems a shame to ruin your make-up, and all a bit uncivilised.

Tacky wedding toppers

Not cute.

Gimicky wedding make-up and costumes

Because it’s not a Halloween party.

There are so many wedding trends that are so much lovelier. Let’s leave you with those here.

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