The pop up wedding trend we love

This chic alternative to the 'big day' is taking off in New Zealand, and it's easy to see why.

New Zealand wedding trend
Weddings are wonderful. They're full of happy loved ones, celebrating the commitment of two people at the start of their new lives.
But let's be honest: they're damn expensive.
Even when you do things on the cheap, once you've factored in a photographer, the venue, and a little booze: you're talking in the thousands. For a one day party.
Thankfully, there are alternatives. One trend that's been taking Australia and now New Zealand by storm, is pop up weddings.
These 90 minute events are able to make things seriously affordable for couples, because essentially several brides and grooms to be share the cost of the big day.
Pop up weddings are taking off in Aus and NZ
How does a pop up wedding work?
At New Zealand based Skinny Love Weddings, 90 minutes are allocated to each couple, who pre-book the service and just turn up on the day with the rings, a marriage licence and their guests.
Skinny Love provide a celebrant, photographer, cake, nibbles for after, a glass of bubbly for each guest, flowers, a decorated venue and music.
Described on their website at "part elopement, part registry wedding," these events aim to slash the hefty price tag of your big day down to a manageable size. And it's barely worth mentioning how much stress they save.
Where do they happen?
Skinny Love Weddings offer locations across the North Island of New Zealand, though if they're a success, perhaps these locations will extend south.
With packages starting from $2899, this is an affordable amount for many couples who thought they'd only be able to consider registry office events.
Would you go for a pop up wedding?
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