What makes you instantly more likable to others?

Tips and advice on how to be more likable in an instant.
Likable woman

Likable woman

Being well liked is one of life’s little mysteries. Why does Person A, with all the same qualities as Person B, make a better and more lasting impression than them?

In an attempt to get to the bottom of this, Reddit asked users what makes them instantly warm to people.

Scroll through their answers below.

“When upon meeting someone new, they ask a lot of questions about you, your work, your interests etc. Then when you see them next time, they remember and ask follow up questions like ‘So how did that big presentation go?’ I have recently met a few of these types and it makes me think so highly of them. As someone with a terrible memory of faces and info, I’m working towards being more like these people.”

“My favorite aunt was a winker. If you were in a group of people she’d make a joke and then wink at you, as if she’d told the joke just for you. This meant something to me because I was an army brat and hardly ever saw extended family. So the handful of times I saw Aunt Jean, those little winks always made me feel like I was really part of her family and not just some kid who visited at Christmas every couple of years.”

“When they listen well. Eye contact, nodding at the right parts, not giving off the impression that they just want to talk themselves, or want you to finish up so they can go do other shit.”

“Being a bit weird.”

“Someone who can laugh at a joke especially when it’s at their own expense.”

“As long as people are genuine and authentic about who they are. People who are unsure/don’t really give it thought tend to have less meaningful conversations because they can’t put any real emphasis behind what they’re saying, since they probably, on some level, don’t really believe it. Or don’t know they don’t believe it because they haven’t discovered that about themselves. It is usually correlated to lack of confidence and self discovery, which I know can take time to build, but I’m generally much more drawn to people who know themselves and are confident in that.”

“Generosity and consideration for others. Being nice to service people.”

“Just being chill. Like not judging you and letting you be yourself without trying to force friendliness. Handling whatever problems they have with people in the nicest way possible while still being effective.”

“When they’re humble and don’t pretend to be better than everyone.”

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