Toni Street and Matt France celebrate 10 years of marriage - and Matt proves he's a true romantic!

An example to all husbands out there!

Today Toni Street and husband Matt France celebrate 10 years of marriage, and Matt has proved to be quite the romantic.
The event planner and father of three surprised his broadcaster wife with a mountain of flowers that was waiting at her desk when she arrived for work at 5am for her shift on The Hits radio breakfast show.
And if you thought that was amazing, there's more - the flowers were the same as the blooms Toni walked down the aisle with on their wedding day.
Toni shared on social media, "OMG this is what i walked into at 5am today... thank you @mjfrance09 i was SO surprised! These are the flowers i had on my wedding day! #10yearweddinganniversary #soromantic #solucky"

Toni shared a second Instagram post featuring a video that revealed the full magnitude of the mountain of flowers.
"Flower spam," she aptly captioned it.
Her celebrity colleagues took to Instagram to congratulate her - and marvel at Matt's romantic gesture.
Broadcaster Stacey Morrison wrote "Dreamy! Yay for your beautiful love xx."
Toni's Hits co-host Laura McGoldrick joked "Way better than a frying pan Matty," and former TVNZ make-up and wardrobe stylist Michiko Hylands implored Matt to start giving lessons on the art of good husbandry:
"Oh my god Matt is the best husband in the world! Lucky gal!! Matt can you please start some training courses for husbands on "How to be a perfect husband"?"

When it comes to showing his love, Matt France certainly has form. For their eighth wedding anniversary he had roses delivered to his wife's office too. Toni shared an image of the flowers on Instagram with a throwback photo from their wedding day.
Toni and Matt were married on this day in 2009. At the time Toni was a sports reporter for TVNZ and Matt played rugby for North Harbour.
In 10 years of marriage they've been blessed with three children - seven year old Juliette, four year old Mackenzie and and son Lachlan (affectionately known as Lachie), born via surrogate in August 2018.
Toni famously sought the help of her best friend Sophie Braggins to bring Lachie into the world after the auto-immune disease she suffered from prevented her from carrying a third child.

Toni has credited her husband for stepping back in his career to let hers flourish.
"Matt gave up his full-time role so I could go on working," Toni told Woman's Day in March this year after she went back to work following Lachie's birth.
"I expect he got more sideways looks than if I had made that decision, but he was excited about doing it. He wanted to spend more time at home and be involved in the child rearing."
She also acknowledged how much Lachie's arrival had changed their lives after thinking they'd never be able to have another child.
"It's funny how it takes a new baby to make us slow down and appreciate all the little things in life. I mean, look at him. He is proof that absolutely anything is possible."