Laura McGoldrick thanks her Black Caps husband Martin Guptill for being a great role model for their daughter

One proud wife!

Cricket broadcaster Laura McGoldrick has made a touching tribute to her Black Caps husband Martin Guptil, thanking him for role modelling hard work and discipline to their young daughter.
Laura and the couple's daughter Harley have been a supportive fixture on the sidelines throughout the Black Caps World Cup campaign, with Laura regularly posting updates on social media about the team.
In a particularly touching post Laura tells her husband, "My Gup, to watch you and this team conduct yourselves the way you did throughout the campaign was a real privilege. Thank you for showing our girl how to keep getting up and to keep working hard. We are so proud of you and the @blackcapsnz."
She went on to say, "We've laughed, we've cried and we have created some incredible memories that I will treasure for the rest of my life. Thank you @martyguptill31 , you are and always will be my champion."

Martin has clearly loved having his wife and daughter there in support, replying with: "Thank you for being on this journey with me @lauramcgoldrick13 . I couldn't have done it without you and Harley. Your love and support has got me through some tough times. I love you guys with all my heart xxx ❤️❤️❤️"

For anyone living under a rock, in a match that gripped the nation this week the Black Caps lost the World Cup final to hosts England due to an inferior boundary total after the match was tied, even after a Super Over.
While the loss was devastating for the team and Kiwi cricket fans alike, this week has seen a surge of national pride for the Black Caps, with plans immediately being made for a homecoming ceremony (which is now on hold because some Black Caps are staying on to holiday in England rather than returning straight to New Zealand).
During her broadcasting career, Laura has had to tread a careful line between impartial journalist and doting wife, often interviewing her husband as part of her job as a Sky Sport cricket host. But with this campaign, she's proudly embraced the role of doting wife, even sharing an image of tot Harley on the grounds at Lord's Cricket Ground, with the caption, "It's a special place, so lucky to share it with our family @homeofcricket."

Laura and Martin welcomed Harley into the world in late 2017 and told Woman's Day they instantly fell in love with their little girl.
"I just looked at this little bundle of joy and thought, 'Woah, you're actually mine!'" Martin said. "It got really real very quickly."
Having Harley brought the cricket-mad couple even closer together, with Laura revealing, "Obviously, I love Guppy and, actually, I didn't realise that I could love him even more, but I do when I watch him as a dad."