Sharon Osbourne says Ozzy cheated on her with six different women

According to Sharon, the rockers had "women in different countries" and cheated on her not once but six times over the course of their marriage.
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A year after kicking him out of the family home for cheating on her, Sharon Osbourne has revealed that was far from Ozzy Osbourne‘s first fling – in fact, it was his sixth.

Her husband’s affair with his hair stylist last year was apparently just one of many employees the singer bedded during their 35-year marriage.

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Speaking to The Telegraph, Sharon said: “There were six of them: some f-cking Russian teenager, then a masseuse in England, our masseuse out here, and then our cook.”

“He had women in different countries. Basically, if you’re a woman giving Ozzy either a back rub or a trolley of food, God help you.”

“When I found out about the hairdresser, I couldn’t believe it,” she added.

“Because none of these women were show ponies. He was doing it to fill the void in some way.”

“He was doing it to fill the void in some way,” Sharon says of Ozzy’s extramarital affairs.

The talk show host also revealed how she hit the roof when Ozzy sent her an email meant for “one of his bloody women”.

“We were sitting watching telly,” she said. “Ozzy on one couch and me on the other, and suddenly he sends me this email. ‘Why did you send me this stupid email?’ I asked, and when Ozzy told me that he hadn’t sent me anything, I grabbed his phone and said ‘look!’ And of course it was a message meant for one of his bloody women.”

After forgiving the 68-year-old, Ozzy publicly revealed he was seeking treatment for sex addiction and Sharon praised him for “doing so well”.

Sharon has since forgiven her husband.

She assured that their marriage was strong and no one should be holding their breaths on the pair getting divorced.

“It’s a deeper love now because I respect him so much. He’s really worked at being a better person for his family,” she said. “Oh I’m never divorcing him. What on earth for? He’s nearly f-cking 70!”

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