Michael Bublé says he's fallen in love with his wife all over again since their son has been cleared of cancer

This is the sweetest thing we've ever heard.

The beautiful days Michael Bublé sings about in his hit songs have replaced the dark ones he spent watching his four-year-old son battle liver cancer. The Canadian crooner has revealed in a new interview what life is like now that his son is cancer-free.
With the recent birth of his third child and a rejuvenated love for his wife, things look like they just can't get any better for Bublé.
"Food never tasted so good, music never sounded so good, my relationship with my family… all of it," Bublé said in an interview with Stellar magazine in Australia.
"My wife and I, we got happy, we fell in love again," the singer said of his Argentine spouse Luisana Lopilato.
He added that their son's cancer battle showed them "the very worst and also the best of each other".
For the Bublé family, Noah's cancer diagnosis was an enlightening experience.
"I've got a very clear perspective now, one that I didn't have before," Bublé explained. "Things got very clear for me very quickly. I live with no fear now. I've been to hell. I see my career differently now — as this wonderful bonus on top of a life that is already fulfilled."
Now that Noah is healthy, he'll be the perfect playmate to his younger brother, two-year-old Elias, and baby sister Vida. And if the happy couple has their way, their three kids can expect more siblings in the future.
"I knew my wife wanted to have a girl. That was huge for her," Bublé said. "After the doctor told us, I said, 'Lu, it's a girl!,' she was shrieking. We want a big family — I don't think we're even going to stop there."
After so many highs and lows, the Bublé family patriarch wants to keep his priorities straight.
"It's going to be something I need to remind myself. I told my wife, 'Hey, kid, keep me grounded. If you see me losing my way, remind me what's important.' Family comes first. In the scheme of everything, the health of my children is number one."
Via Woman's World