Kiwi men think Christmas is a more romantic time than women do

Christmas celebrations can bring out the romantic in all of us.
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If you’re a Love Actually fan – and let’s face, it who isn’t – the notion that Christmas and romance go hand in hand is hardly new.

But, as it turns out, it’s men who care most about romance over the festive season, and what they really want for Christmas is love – actually.

That’s according to a recent survey by online dating site Elite Singles which shows men are more likely to want to celebrate Christmas with someone special.

The survey asked 200 New Zealand singles to name the day of the year when they least wanted to be single. Both men and women agreed that Christmas Day is the worst time of the year to be single, over Valentine’s Day or New Year’s Eve.

While it was agreed attending family gatherings was important for both, men were slightly more smitten with the idea of celebrating Christmas as couple: 44 per cent want to spend Christmas with a romantic partner, compared to 26 per cent of women.

The survey also showed men were more likely than women to think of Christmas as the perfect occasion for a new partner to meet the family. Women were a bit more hesitant however, with 49 per cent wary given of the amount of pressure the day can bring.

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But here’s the bit we’re most interested in: presents. Gift-giving is fraught with the potential to make or break a new relationship; it’s a tough one to get right.

Kiwi men are keen gift-givers. The survey points out 75 per cent thought it was important to buy presents for a new partner.

Women were a little less enthusiastic on the gift-giving front though, with just over half surveyed wanting to exchange gifts early in a new relationship.

Our advice to those newly coupled at Christmas: be thoughtful. Each person is feeling the pressure in different ways. Communication and co-operation are always the key.

And finally, the best way to create special feelings of love is to remember everyone has a slightly different approach to romance.

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